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Esprit de Corpse

Jacqueline Marie-Claire Duval and her sister Angélique Laforge are the twins of Bellesfées.

Jacqueline is a brilliant engineer in 1843 France.


Angélique gave up her career as a virtuoso

pianist when a vicious assault made her a shape-shifting wolf.


Together, they must stop Count Draganov Dragul and his sorcerer from animating the bones of the Paris Catacombs to create a clockwork army of revenants.

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     With a rising fury, Jacqueline stormed to the workshop and threw open the door.
     “Who in blazes are you to break into my shop at this hour?” she demanded, without yet seeing the intruder. 
     The door slammed shut and she was seized from behind by a powerful man who locked her arms with one hand while the other swiftly tied her wrists. She cried out, but although she struggled, she could not wriggle around to see who held her.
     “Who—are—you? Damn you!” 
     He reached both hands around her and snatched at the waistline of her chemise. Jacqueline couldn’t even gasp her horror. But an obscene assault was not his intent. In a quick movement, he stuffed the cotton gown into her mouth. 
     “For the world, I wouldn’t hurt you,” he said, his French heavily accented with decidedly British overtones. “I came only for this machine, and I cannot let you stop me.”


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