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Ef Deal


Freelance Editor

Video Editor

Author of The Twins of Bellesfées series

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"A wild, steampunky adventure

with laugh-out-loud moments

and a perfect set of heroines.

Hold on and enjoy the ride!"

~ Gregory Frost

author of Rhymer and Shadowbridge

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Esprit de Corpse

Esprit de Corpse from eSpec Books is the first of a series featuring the brilliant 19th-century sisters, the Twins of Bellesfées Jacqueline and Angélique. Hard science blends with the paranormal as they challenge the supernatural invasion of France in 1843.

Available for pre-order at Amazon and eSpecBooks.

Dangerous Waters from Brigid's Gate


Available now from Amazon.

She blinked against the icy winds that whipped around the piers of the bridge, sucking away her breath, threatening to cast her prematurely to the waters below. Her legs quaked, too weak to hold her, thighs pressed so tightly together. 

Below, the black billowing sea begged for her life: Come. Come to us. Let us heal the pain. Let us give you oblivion and peace. Give yourself to us, and let us embrace you as our own.

One More Ghost Story  from SOUL SCREAM Antholozine

An anthology of women protagonists confronting the strange, the weird, and the horrifying, by Chris Ryan

In the corner shadows, Gwynna Lionshadow smiled with grim satisfaction.

Like any minstrel-mage, she enjoyed ghost stories, though few offered anything a good magician couldn't explain away.  But as Prince Lerick's mercenary, she recognized clues to what she'd been seeking for two months: how Black Market slavers were stealing villagers, mostly young girls.

"The Temple won't tolerate slavery, and I need the Temple's support to hold this city," the prince had told her.  "Use every device of your craft to stop them.  You're my best agent for the task." He'd pulled her close, tucking a finger under her chin. "You're bait, a lure.  There's no denying your beauty and strength." His lips brushed her brow, then moved to her ear to whisper, "A perfect little slave."


Then he winced and slowly backed away until she released her crushing grip on his testicles.  

"You can trust me to use every device of my craft, my lord," she said icily.

Coming soon. Look for our announcement!

Passing Thoughts from Conspiracies and Cryptids Volume 1

An anthology exploring the devious and the discovered

edited by Charles Barouch

Every damned time Aileen drove the Jersey Turnpike south, the three witches blocked her. Never in the same cars. Sometimes tractor-trailers, sometimes motorcycles, but always three, side by side, as if they clasped taloned hands across the lanes. Aileen was fairly certain they cackled while she chafed, trying to pass and failing. 

Aileen figured it was some kind of conspiracy. They were the same three drivers, and they had to be women because no man had that kind of patient, sadistic tenacity to drive a single mile below the speed limit from Exit 10 to Exit 4. It made no difference if she took the cars-only lanes or the trucks-and-cars lanes, even through the merging of the two tracks; while Aileen’s temper bubbled, bubbled, toiled, and troubled, three witches cursed Aileen’s drive home in a relentless blockade that prevented anyone from passing.

Coming soon. Look for our announcement!

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