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Concrete Soul

A selection from 
Cry Baby Bridge:

an anthology of utter speculation 
coming October 3. Preorder now at Amazon or Speculation Publications.

If you only know my fluffy steampunk,
get to know my darker side.

In the news ~

Esprit de Corpse



"A wild, steampunky adventure

with laugh-out-loud moments

and a perfect set of heroines.

Hold on and enjoy the ride!"

~ Gregory Frost

author of Rhymer and Shadowbridge

""A meticulously-built world awaits readers in this delightful steampunk mystery."

~ A.C. Wise

author of Wendy, Darling and Hooked

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A Cry of Hounds

A peek at my story in eSpec Books' upcoming anthology!


A Few Updates!


Saturday, Oct. 7, 10am-4pm

Meet the eSpec Book gang!


Esprit de Corpse

Esprit de Corpse
from eSpec Books is the first of a series featuring the brilliant 19th-century sisters, the Twins of Bellesfées,
Jacqueline and Angélique.
Hard science blends with the paranormal as they challenge the supernatural invasion of France
in 1843.
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Available  at Amazon and eSpecBooks !

One More Ghost Story  from SOUL SCREAM Antholozine

An anthology of women protagonists confronting the strange, the weird, and the horrifying, by Chris Ryan

                            In the corner shadows, Gwynna Lionshadow smiled with grim satisfaction.

Like any minstrel-mage, she enjoyed ghost stories, though few offered anything a good magician couldn't explain away.  But as Prince Lerick's mercenary, she recognized clues to what she'd been seeking for two months: how Black Market slavers were stealing villagers, mostly young girls.

"The Temple won't tolerate slavery, and I need the Temple's support to hold this city," the prince had told her.  "Use every device of your craft to stop them.  You're my best agent for the task." He'd pulled her close, tucking a finger under her chin. "You're bait, a lure.  There's no denying your beauty and strength." His lips brushed her brow, then moved to her ear to whisper, "A perfect little slave."


Then he winced and slowly backed away until she released her crushing grip on his testicles.  

"You can trust me to use every device of my craft, my lord," she said icily.

Available Now from Amazon!

Blueberry Bells  from BEACH SHORTS

An anthology of cozy beach reading from Speculation Publications

The flames leached the last of his anger. Spring frogs filled the quiet with a chorus of peeping. Small splashes betrayed furtive turtles, terrapins, and bass. For the first time in a long time, Benjamin knew serenity, felt he was part of the world around him. In that moment, her tender hand touched his shoulder.


“Are you all right?”

He looked up into the face of a woman perhaps three times his age dressed in a light summer gown, her white hair undone and falling to her waist, lifted by the breeze. The firelight gave her a golden glow.

She smiled then, a calming smile. Relieved, not amused. Reassuring, not mocking. “I see I’ve startled you. May I sit?”

He gained his feet and indicated his own seat, but instead she sat on the sand across from him. Sand covered the wet hem of her day gown as well as her bare feet like sugar on pastries.

“Benjamin Willis,” he introduced himself with a bow.

“Yes, Benjamin,” she said with mild surprise. “How have you been since last we met?”

Available Now from Amazon!

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