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Critters Readers Poll Wins!

Rhymes with Lenore placed 2nd for short story and I placed 4th in the SFF author category !

Critters Novel

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Critters Author
Critters Short Story
Other Aether

Other Aether

an anthology of Steampunk Tales from around the world from eSpec Books, now available!


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Jacqueline and her friend Didi are the "Ghosts in the Infernal Machine"


A Cry of Hounds

an anthology of Steampunk Tales inspired by the life and works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from eSpec Books, coming 2024! 


Pre-order today!

As the howl of a wolf signals a murderous monster prowling the village, Doctor Foley heeds the mysterious French woman's warning of

"The Night of the Howling Wind"

Chateau Brou


A Cry of Hounds

A peek at my story in eSpec Books' upcoming anthology!

Steampunk Ef

A Few Updates!

Aéros & Héroes, Book 2 of the Twins of Bellesfées series, is due out in November!

Jack and I will be attending the C3 (Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity) Con September 13 ~ 15. Will we see you there?

Esprit de Corpse

Esprit de Corpse
from eSpec Books is the first of a series featuring the brilliant 19th-century sisters, the Twins of Bellesfées,
Jacqueline and Angélique.
Hard science blends with the paranormal as they challenge the supernatural invasion of France
in 1843.
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Available  at Amazon and eSpecBooks !


Aéros & Héroes

Book Two of The Twins of Bellesfées series coming this fall from eSpec Books

Jacqueline followed the drive past the Benets’ cottage down into the woods, gas lamp posts illuminating the path to the workshop. Seated at the third table along, Monsieur Claque raised his head as she entered and lit the phosphorus lucifer lantern beside him, bathing the workshop in blinding white light that reflected and refracted off every polished metal in the shop, creating a dazzling fairyland of sparkles. She breathed in the magical scents she loved: sawdust, hardwood, machine oils, burnt metals. If only she could spend these hours here rather than among tout Paris.


“Sorry to keep you,” she told Monsieur Claque, patting his arm.


She went to the fuel storage cabinet and removed a canister of a liquid fuel she had developed from coal extracts. She brought it to the worktable next to Monsieur Claque, then went back for two other canisters. When she opened his breastplate and removed his fuel tank, the autonomaton’s head dropped and the lights of his indicators went dark.


“I never meant for you to get so low,” Jacqueline said, “but if it’s any consolation, I’m operating on zero myself.” Then she hiccoughed and chuckled. “Unless you count alcohol. I have some of that for you too.”


She measured out portions of the three liquid fuels and poured them into Monsieur Claque’s tank, then returned the canisters to storage. She closed the cabinet, but as she shut the lock, the workshop went dark. The utter blackness after the brilliant phosphorus blinded her. Instinctively, Jacqueline seized a claw hammer from its hooks beside the cabinet. She whirled.


“Who’s there?”


She heard nothing, saw nothing but the faint glow of gaslight from the forest walk. The pond frogs barked and quacked, and cicadas buzzed, unalarmed. As her eyes adjusted, she sidled toward Monsieur Claque.


Something large, soft, and furry tripped her. She landed hard, slamming her brow into the claws of the hammer. Her vision exploded in fireworks. Futter that damned cat! She couldn’t breathe. Her pulse pounded against her skull, and blood streamed into her left eye. Groaning, she managed to get up to her elbows to flip over and sit, brandishing the hammer in one hand. Jacqueline snatched the hem of her dress to mop blood from her face. Pressing the fabric to the gash on her brow, she waved the hammer around wildly. Her head throbbed, pain and blood blinding her. As terror mounted, her thoughts raced.


Angélique. Angélique will smell fear. Angélique will smell the blood. Llewellyn will—


Talons seized her shoulders from behind. Sharp teeth pierced her flesh. Jacqueline choked on a strangled cry. Then…

Where to find my shorts...

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